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Sunday, March 25, 2012



Last night, I watched a film called "Phantom of the Opera (2004)". The movie was a remake movie which I felt a little bit disappointed  with the flow of the movie, To be honest, too much singing. My head went round. Hahahah... but the "Think of me, song", "Companion (at the grave), song" were good songs. I love it. 

WHat a nice poster....hahaha
This movie actually want to show the ability of the singers. For example, Emma Rossum, to be honest, she has everything, look, voice, acting career and she is beautiful. BTW, she is Jewish.  But we are not talking about race of Emma Rossum but we want to talk about the story itself. 

THe story actuall can be considered as flashback film because Meg, Daughter of Mdame Giry. She actually the one who tell the story. Hihu~~ spoiler? no no..

I lovethe movie BEFORE watching it... but after I watched the movie... my heart turned.... turn into something that urm...hahaha...not that good. Which I not-so-like the movie. Too much singing where the actors should talk, they sing. Spoil the mood of killed the killing mood. Well.. you all should watch the movie too and give review.

Out of 10, I would easily give 6 stars. Sorry the production. It is not the fault of Andrew Lloyd Webber. hahaha.... no no no, not his fault. at all.


p/s: no more second time.

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