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Friday, March 23, 2012



What do you think first when it comes to WEDDING? Food? Wedding Ceremony? Gowns? Bridal Equipments? PA System? Well2!!! You should think about having a wedding planner in arranging your event. The best way is to hiring one trusted company to conduct all the event that you (bride and groom) on your big day. That is the best way right? 

That is the reason why I wrote this entry. Ratio Design has launched a promotion on Wedding Package. This is all the details. 

Click here.
Hantaran for Weeding is one of the most important elements in wedding ceremony. That is the reason why Ratio Design does this promotion, The Team wants you to feel what other people felt during their weddings. Well... let see their artworks. I would consider their works as art because their are meticulous and they just want the PERFECT ELEMENT in their works. Their say, their do and their executed it very well. 

These are their artwork. Amazing aren't they? They would always *again the best for their client. Got to love that part, for sure.

 Okay, if you are to make any reservation or any consultation, just go to their blog, which is RATIO DESIGN. or you just can message them and after that you just can tell them that Akmall Razlan from New Interesting Manuscript recommend this. Well..just the procedure and DO NOT forget to give them this voucher, you may get more discount the voucher number is RD-AR . Okay?


p/s: I want to get their services for my wedding too...hihu~~

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