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Friday, March 30, 2012


Hi All!!  

Now, I need to introduce you to one song which like no other. This is very sad and beautiful song. People love this song and most of all, I love this song very much. This song called, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. This particular song was written by the Charles Hart, R. Stilgoes and Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

You were once my one companion
You were all that mattered
You were once a friend and father
Then my world was shattered
Wishing you were somehow here again
Wishing you were somehow near
Sometimes it seemed if I just dreamed
Somehow you would be here

Wishing I could hear your voice again
Knowing that I never would
Dreaming of you won't help me to do
All that you dreamed I could
Passing bells and sculpted angels
Cold and monumental seem, for you the wrong companions
You were warm and gentle

Too many years fighting back tears
Why can't the past just die?
Wishing you were somehow here again
Knowing we must say, "Goodbye"
Try to forgive, teach me to live
Give me the strength to try
No more memories, no more silent tears
No more gazing across the wasted years
Help me say, "Goodbye"
Help me say, "Goodbye"

This is the song. Actually, this song has its own deep meaning. Its about how Christine Daae (in the Phantom of The Opera) missed her dad and this background of the song, it was sung in the cemetery when Christine wants to see her dad's grave. It was unique and also very much scary at the same time. But, it just a story but I love it very much. It was a wonderful, sad story.

Well, you just can find the song sang by Emmy Rossum in the movie Phantom of The Opera (2004) in the Youtube. And also, there is also a version by Hollie Steel from Britain's Got Talents. 

You just can choose which one to listen to. Both have their own version. Both are good, and they have good pipe.


p/s: Listening to it, hard!

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