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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi semua...

korang kenal tak Stefano Langone? Dia adalah salah seorang daripada peserta American Idol Musim ke 10. and today, he released his own single, which called "I'm On A Roll"

I'm On A Roll is an up tempo music and it really fits Stefano's voice with his clear tone and his head voice is clear and thin and it added positive impact. Love this song very much. If you want the single of Stefano, you just can visit this website. Stefano. Click at his name there. Well, you can find many about Fashion, musics and many more there. I just read almost everything. So, I don't discriminate. Please okay.

Let us see his pictures first.

Amacam? okay tak single dia? Best jugak la kan? up tempo music. 


p/s: I listen to it like 10 times a day. hehehe

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