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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hi semua...

dan Assalamualaikum WBT!! Last night was a great night, enjoyed every second of it and to the committee who committed to conduct this Annual Dinner, I would say, a big,special thank and hug you all!! love you till my end of my life. Thank you very much *two thumbs up!

Lepas tu, I wanna thanked all the students who came last night, without you all, this dinner would not be as fun as last night. Kan? the committee worked their asses off to give the best for this dinner and the participant (other BEN students who came) you are the best too. I could see you enjoyed the ceremony last night. Gosh! I love to see we people gather, eat and greet each other. Love it very much. I wish that the friendship will last forever.  Yes!!! all of us. okay? 

Special thanks to my BEN 8 friends for being the best last night. Every each of us looked beautiful and handsome. I could not deny that. We dressed up like tomorrow is our last night right? we enjoyed the outfit that we bought and most of all, we enjoyed the night ! I do not know how to put my words, but all I can say that, pictures tell thousand words. Therefore, lets see the pictures taken during the ceremony. okay?

hungray faces... hehehe

King and Queen of The Night. Thanks...

Aku and Angah..

Belle and Me.

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

Group Photo 3

Me with the man running the ceremong. one of them.

Group photo 4

Belle and Mila.

see? see that? enjoying is our skills. hahaha.. We love this moment and thank you very much. *bow

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I am King. wahahahha

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