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Thursday, May 31, 2012



I am glad here to say that the waiting is OVER!. YES! you are right, the class are over. No more classes but I have something to be handed-in to my Supervisor. THE BOOK. I called the book here because the thesis of mine, well.. not really a thesis. Its a academic report writing. As for me, my parts almost done, with few little things to be edited. Then, its ready for hard cover binding. 

We need to handed-in 3 copies. Two copies will be for the Faculty and also the SV. Another would be for the library I guess. Well.. i dont know and i dont really remember. Duh~~

Well.. these four amazing-bittersweet years have brought me a lot. Later on, I am not longer BEN student, I will be Ex-BEN Students.

Need me explain more when you just can browse my entries? I don't think so right? Feel free to click at my achieve blog entry. There are a lot of entries that you can read about me and my friend or you just can click at my Faculty link there, (THE BANNER). Just click to update your knowledge about my Fac. okay?

Ha.. me not done yet with the research. Me needs to email my writings and then my SV would comment it. I am quite relieve with the meeting early today. I am glad. Need to do my reference and then. wait for her reply.

Okay? done.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Happy but Sad.

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