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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Header baru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sila tengok atas

 sesiapa yang nak tengok header aku, tengok la.. okay la aku rasa, tak lah secantik header orang lain yang comel2.. tapi boleh la, cukup la untuk mewakili aku di alam maya ni, 

Alhamdulillah, kalau taip je nama aku sekarang, masuk la jugak dalam laman web tu, kan? hihu~~ namun, bukan populariti yang aku mahukan, aku tetapkan goal masa panjang, aku nak kekal lama dalam blogging world ni, biar pun slow2 tapi lama, kan? semua mesti yang benda yang serupa kan? 

Semakin lama kita berada di dalam sebuah dunia itu, semakin lama kita akan memahami sesebuah dunia itu. Jadi, dalam context yang aku cakapkan ni, dunia itu adalah dunia Blogging. Tengok sekarang, makin lama, makin dipandang pulak dunia blogging ni, dulu aku rasa, kalau cakap fasal blog, orang akan cakap "eh! apa tu?", "Tak pernah dengar pun", "Internet ke?", okay.. i was in that same opinion before but now, i am not. I know what is blog and I do know that it is not as free as we think. It was before because people seem ignored the power that bloggers have but not anymore, yes, still, we do have power but it was not like before. Why? because of the attention given. People stalk, open our blogs just to check the news and so on and they also check whether the writings have anything to do with the government, slander and many bad negative things. Why? Because we are free *they think. Not anymore, we are not that free.Okay?

Well, back to my topic, blogging. This one year and few month, i have received many comments from fellow bloggers and also friends about my blog. My writings and my arrangement of my blog. I appreciate it. To be honest, I do listen to your comments and and once a while I make the adjustment on the layout, header and so on, just to make the readers feel easy. comfortable while reading my blog.

And the contents, this actually worries me a lot. Sometimes, i did not realise, my writings can be hurtful but i always think, "it's my blog, no one read it" but I was wrong, people read my writings, my friends, my family, and my fellow blogger and even my lecturers. I appreciate that. Thank you. There was a story where, a blogger (Lulu Cadina), her posts/entries were copied by another blogger. To me, it was total rude, the blogger should not do that because its plagiarism and even in the academic world, we forbid such thing. its wrong. Totally. But, i have my own way interpreting other peoples' entries. I read, understand and interpret BUT do not forget to back link that blog. That is the way of blogging. Back link others blog. If not, we could easily say, plagiarism. 

Well, i wrote much there. hope to see you later tonight, i might have something to post here.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Thank God!


  1. smart! tukar wallpaper plak....

  2. hahaha.. thanks kak yuni.. but look at the new one.. hihu~~ baru je buat tadi..

  3. see ur the picture that your tagged my name on FB? becomes my header item.