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Saturday, May 26, 2012


TOP BLOGGERS of this Month!!!

Aku sebenarnya baru buat benda ni, tadi while I was blogwalking, I come across this amazing idea where, I personally choose blogger with beautiful header. Why on earth I did this? Well. it is just for fun. Nothing less and nothing more. Just for fun but not to make fun of others. Its two different things. Okay?

No la, the actually reason that i made this entry is because I love to see their header. Simple but yet meaningful. It is hard to make such thing, simple but yet meaningful and sometimes, they put a little bit of humour element in it. Sincere humour. Yes, its hard.

Okay, let's no go any further, let us see the lucky headers.

AND AGAIN, this is based on my personal opinion and it is not influenced by any other factors. Thank you. (^_^)

Yuyu Zulaikha,  The reason why I chose her to be in my entry is because her blog header is simple but it has this feeling that the simpleness is the X-Factor and it makes people *readers want to read her blog even more. Her style of writing is more to happy-go-lucky-die-hard-fan of teenage life and she is very smart. Again, her style of writing is very leisure, santai but yet meaningful. This is what i called, "Big heart and soul comes is small package". Lover her blog very much! 

Mr BEN, the reason why I chose his header is because, he is the only man who has the manliness that is shown to people and plus he is a body builder plus! he is a shining star in blogging world. Not to mention, he usually come out with perfect idea where other bloggers rarely put it entry. He makes blogging looks easy but to be honest, its not! love the header plus the content of his blog. He even come out with anything and he considers his blog as the "electronic diary" and he is "The Man".

Fatin Liyana, who *blogger does not know Fatin Liyana, a doctor to be with big heart and lots of experience and she easily translated all of her ideas into writings which people love to read it. No wonder she had millions of readers and followers. *exaggerated? sorry. And her style of writing is also more to leisure-type-of-writing and that is why, people love to read her blog. By looking at her header, we already know what her blog content would be on, the camera icon, it would on pictures taken when she on-the-amazing-travel, and that plane icon there, of course traveling. People, readers would die to be like her, am i right people? of course i am. She is the "Travelling Doctor with perfect sense of humanity", because she share what she been through, well not entirely.

Hanis Zalikha. She is the famous-blogger-model ever! Her blog is all about her life as a model, blogger, and public figure. Who does not know her? tell me, it would be spear through their skull! hahah..*obsess no la, i am not obsess with her, but actually, her style of writing too attract me to read her blog. Seriously, she has this way of telling stories which she makes it look interesting. It somehow hard to put in words because we could not put feelings into words. Am i right? again? duhh~~ hahaa.. all and all, she is famous and she has the perfect life of a perfect famous-blogger-model. Who does want to be like her? *please, kill youself! hahaha..kidding! just kidding. I am going to call her "The princess who types with humbleness" 

Last but not least, Maria Elena. A blogger+video blogger= vblogger, model, who has this amazing ability of telling complicated things in simple words. Seriously maria, hahaha.. you do have that ability. When I read her blog, the first sentence, it makes me want to know more. And *sedar tak sedar, I am at the last sentence. She loves to mix the languages, I am not furious, I know, she wants to attract more readers and she wants to share all of her experiences with her readers. Well, dont blame her people for being such popular. Please, dont, she worked her ass of for the popularity. huahuhua..As for that, I am going to name her "Simplicity is Maria Elena".

Compared to my header, i am like the 1000th blogger who have cool header. These people here, they have the amazing, cooler header. Simple and yes! meaningful. It shows power. 

Well, as i mentioned in previous entry, this is the entry. hope y'all like it. Daaa...

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: cool headers=cool bloggers


  1. hurmmmm....bilalah CiM nk menjadi seglamourrrrrrr mereka.

  2. CiM; makin glamour, makin besar tanggungjawab.ingat tu.