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Thursday, June 7, 2012


"Rezeki masing-masing"

Itu yang aku terpikir. Tiba-tiba. 

Orang yang berlajar tinggi-tinggi, ada rezeki mereka masing-masing. Yang tak belajar tinggi, ada rezeki mereka masing-masing. Ada yang sakit, (Belle cepat sembuh okay?) dan ada yang kaya, miskin, semua mempunyai rezeki masing-masing yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah SWT, cuma kita je kadang-kadang tidak nampak 'rezeki' disebalik rezeki yang diberi-Nya.

Setiap manusia ini telah ditetapkan perjalanannya oleh Allah SWT, cuma kita sebagai hambanya, perlulah sentiasa bersyukur dan sentiasa memperbaiki diri dan kehidupan. I am not the person who have qualification in talking about religion. Yes, I am not. Sorry. But, I am trying my very hard to change for my life's sake.

When we think back, when we were younger, what we have done to our family, our siblings, our friends and others? If you do good things, then alhamdulillah, but if you are not, get started coz we do not know, when will be our time to go from this world. YES, it is a cruel big world, but people perception holds us to do such good deeds. Right? but, if wee keep on thinking about people perception, then, what would happen to the good values? Gone with the wind. For sure. No longer in people minds and hearts. It would might cause trouble.

Well, bersyukurlah, it is not that hard. okay?


p/s: I am going to study hard for this last final exam. YES, last final exam.

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