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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Kemana aku nak bawakan rasa resah, gelisah ini?
Bagaikan menanti sesuatu yang tak pasti?

Dua persoalan yang di atas itu sering aku tanyakan untuk diri aku. Gelisah, gusar, resah semua ada, sebab? korang mesti nak tau sebab kan? aku takkan cerita kat sini tapi apa yang penting, ia berkaitan dengan FYP aku. Seriously, I will print out tomorrow and get it hard bind cover. Reason? Because the deadline is on the line. It is very near to the end of the semester and the submission date is around the corner.

Those who understand my condition along with Kak Nik would easily know what all the resah, gelisah is all about.

Am I reaching for the stars?
Is it impossible to have response?

Am i? Am i actually reaching for the stars? I don't think so. We are human beings. Please.

If people read this, I am so sorry, I have no where to go to channel this feeling. I am actually worried about my FYP/Research paper. I just want to pass. I wanna grad. That's all. Please.

 I do not want to disappoint my parents.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I don't want to disappoint my mother and father. Please.

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