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Friday, June 8, 2012


"Good efforts!"

I would say that if you do/did something but if you do/did it too much, would it be not very nice.

Please, do not get me wrong, this is a entry that I want to express my deepest inner voice about one thing. I have a friend, she is too a well-known blogger, she is Ayuni from My So Called Life . She loves editing her unique blog. She blogs about everything. I actually love her blog and I made her blog as my guide in blogging world.

As you all know, my blog's layout is very simple and very user-friendly layout., which easy for the readers to load my blog onto their computers. Please, please, I beg you all, this is not a backlash or something like that, this is a point of view, sincere point of view and again, please do not get me wrong. To me, kak yuni's blog is too crowded. Again, I know, she always wants the best for her readers but, I believe in simplicity. Less is More. I have been using that phrase for quite a long time. LESS IS MORE

That is reason why, I have not been changing my layout for quite sometimes because I believed, people would love my current layout. Yes, it is hard to satisfy others feeling but why don't we at least try, right?

To Kak yuni, please, I am begging you, Do not get me wrong, because, before you were asking for opinion and, here, I gave my opinions towards your layout of blog. Okay? Why dont you try for something simpler and yet would bring big impact on others. I mean in the positive way. And who does not like simple things right? 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: This is my opinion, sorry kak yuni.


  1. hikhik, it's ok, at last someone say it straight to me without throwing it in the cynical way in FB! Really love and appreciate your comment as you stated it straight and no heart feeling involved, I can accept it and InsyaAllah I will try to change it bit by it, at least you tell me the truth and I really happy for it. Honestly, better say it this way than "berlapik" and perli -memperli in FB. Once again, thank you very much, if you don't mention it, I will not know my big mistakes in blogging, thank you Akmal, honestly, thank you very much, really......may Allah bless you...

  2. yup.. i know... but this time. i need to make at least an entry about your creativeness. well, this is the least that i can do for you. hahaa..