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Monday, June 11, 2012


"Now I know."

Today, my nightmare comes back. The Maxis Broadband is total sucks today. Seriously, I just cannot connect to the internet. How's that for the day before exam started? ha? AArrggghh.. but now, I can connect but ONLY using GPRS which "very damn faster than ever". OMG!  I could not think of anything right now but want to scream and shout. Seriously.

Well, as long as I can connect, then its okay la kan? huhu.. maybe Maxis has some problems.. which I do not know what the problems are right? huhuh.. Trying to be positive here. Hihu...

Okay2... today, after I read Language, Ideology and Power, *well,, just two handouts... hahaa.. I found something, "Text is hard to interpret". Yes, it is hard. As we are all in the world of writing and we write a lot of things. Sometimes, our writings, the others, interpret it in different ways which the way that we do not want it to be interpreted. 

Another one, I found this phrase under Linguistic feature Scare quotes or "so-called". According to website, 'So-called' means 1)commonly named : popularly so termed or 2) falsely or improperly so named e.g. deceived by a so-called friend.

As far as I am concerned, 'so-called' would bring negative connotation to the readers and also listeners. Like the example given above, "Deceived by a so-called friend". It means here, *the example, even though, A and B are friends but after saying this phrase, the value of friendship is actually not clear. A and B are not real friends. But if we put it in Language, Ideology and Power, it means if there is any "so-called" phrase used in the passage or paragraph, we could easily say that, the speaker does not trust  the one who being 'so-called'. It is just that easy.

I am not in the position of talking about Language, Ideology and Power but one thing that I remember about this class is in CDA (Critical Discourse Analysis), everything that we think could be an ideology and with language we project it and with power we do it. When we talk about text. A text is not just a text. A text has a purpose, underlying "power", and values. It could be a command, celebrate or devaluate certain ideology and power. A text on the other hand, can be interpreted in different ways by different people. It influences, and used as a tool for shaping one's culture and communication.

Example, KFC, with 'So Good' tagline, it shows that the product of KFC is great and good. With additional word 'so', it clearly stated that the product of KFC is very good. So, people taste is, they believe it and the ideology by saying KFc is good is there using the right tagline 'So Good" and it brings POWER. Okay? is that clear? hehehe.. *i tried.

That is all the notes for LIP, *tomorrow will be the paper. Read a lot okay?

Asssalamualaikum WBT

p/s: need to read more.


  1. tbe2 rase nk makan KFC...

  2. sapa lah budak anon ni..adoiyai.. ahaha