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Friday, June 1, 2012


I could not say a thing *exaggerated without showing you the pictures of ours during our last class. *Desktop Publishing class.

Well.. we did snap a few pictures that brought the moments of happiness. Seriously. Well, you could see by yourself my ops! our incredible pictures. 

This was the last moment. But, I put it first.

This was at the "kerusi batu".
Pz, angah, Nik, Naz and Belle.

This was too at the "kerusi batu"
Pz, Me, Naz, Nik and Belle

Well... omg, who is this handsome guy?

Yup! it me! akmal razlan.

Well.. people, last does not mean we could not see each other right? it is just the mater of time. Only death could do us part. But then, cherishing the ah-ha moments right now is best thing ever. Yup, gonna see you at convocation, and rumours that I heard that the convocation would be on November *whhuuttt??? but, hey, I am not the media person, journalist or something like that. hiihu~~ I am me. Ordinary person who sometimes dream something that extraordinary. Don't blame me for that. hihu~

We have approximately 20 days in UniSZA, Kuala Terengganu then, we are young, wild and FREE. As for that, good luck, find job and you come to Terengganu in November, bring big cars and dress fancy okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Still, working on reference.

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