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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moments To Be Remembered.

"Good times will be surely well remembered"

Yes, nothing but the best times ever. I would like to have this amazing moment as the perfect remember for all of us. I posted a lot about my university life on blog and this entry would be one of them. I love mentioning my university life because I found it very interesting and would always be remembered. Yes. We will.

As for that, I would like you all to enjoy these amazing pictures of our before went taking the last paper. Even Management and Planning Subject. Love it very much and it was okay. *that would be the answer when my mum and dad ask me but somehow, they now the meaning of that answer. Its okay. Hehe...


shocking moment when the photographer is shorter that us. huu

Enough lighting to keep us 'SUNNY". hehe

Group photo.

Last revision B4 going for last exam.

Belle: "Is this photographer finger lickin' good?"
Angah : "well, boooo"

My two Borneo friends. Fiona and CT.
Keep in touch will ya?

Happy faces before the examination.
"Gosh, where is my after the exam pictures?'

Well people of earth, there you go. All of these amazing pictures were taken before the examination and I would say, seeing these amazing pictures and faces surely make my heart go ~~wwwuuuu~~ but stay strong. Hehehe..

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I am changing my title to 'ALL CAPS LOCK' to 'Just-Front-Alphabet-Caps Lock".

Keep Smiling and Dream Big.

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