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Sunday, June 17, 2012


"If all problems could be solved with an apology, we would not need the police"

One simple sentence from One Piece, the anime. This sentence is very sarcastic. Hahaha... but it has very deep meaning too. Reason? sometimes a single apology could just bring everything back to normal but sometimes, an apology does not work. Well, we just need see right? Thoroughly.

This is because we, human born with feelings and emotion (affective). But sometimes, we just got it carried out. Hihu, (^_^)v. Well, what to do, humans are humans, what can we do? Hide our feelings? Impossible. It is just possible if we let it out. Right? Hahaha... but we all have to consider right? Be considerate. But what if, you heard people talk back about you? and might be the one you heard saying about how NOT comfortable that person with you ? Well.. what will you do? 
Will you laugh till you ass off? 


will you scream for fun? 


will you just ignore that person?

Well, as for me, I decided to chose the third one. I will ignore that person. Reason? Why I have to sit around that person while he/she does not like me? Right? Do I make myself understandable there? I believe so right? Hahaha.. *I might laugh but no one knows about what happens inside right? 

Well, to that person, whatever you do, I have nothing to do with you. I have my friends and you have yours. I know friends who are able to accept me as I am. Don't worry, it is not like you have to feed me and drive my car right? hahahaha.. sarcastic? Whatever.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: it is better for me to study or watching One Piece than think about this. Hahaha

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