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Saturday, June 9, 2012


"Life is tough".

Yes, life is tough but it teaches us to as tough as we can because we are who we are. Yes, sometimes we do not know our own strength but sometimes we know our own strength. 

Last night, I watched "Step Up" from 2006 film, the one that Channing Tatum was in it. What I've learned by watching the film is that, we need to follow our dreams but do not neglect our own roots. okay?

Then, just now, I watched "Step Up 3". *skipped "Step Up 2". In that film, there is a boy who enrolled into NYU with his best friend, Camille. Moose is a talented dancer and was found by the leader of 'Pirate House', Luke, who also happened to be a great dancer. Moose is actually pursuing a bachelor degree in Engineering in NYU but then, he was discovered by Luke during his first day in NYU. Then, the journey begins. And in the end, Moose saved The House of Pirates and they managed to win the Dance competition. Great story huh? I love it too.

And one quote from "Step Up 3" by Moose was, "To travel is better than to arrive". Yes, agree on that. It was really inspiring quote. Life is a journey, living this life is like a traveling moment for each and one of us. We need to travel in order to live our own life. Yes. Could not agree more. When we arrived at our destination, it is not like the journey has ended but it continues in different ways. Life is tough.

We just need to see things in different ways because even sphere has angles. We just need to believe. 

Believe in ourselves by looking at our own potential. We might not be good in all things but we are the best in one thing. Keep focus, don't loose faith and smile! okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Step up the notch!

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