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Sunday, June 10, 2012


"Need to focus"

Truly indeed blogging would always be my hobby right now. I am aware of that. Do people really read my blog? The answer for that awesome question would be "I don't know", but to those who actually have time to click and read my blog, I am very honoured. I could not think of anything to give but doa for you to get healthy life. Okay?

Final exam is just around the corner. This coming final exam would be the last final exam ever in UNISZA. 4 years back in 30th June 2008, I enrolled in UNISZA and now, 2012, I am graduating. Cool hu? hahaha.. but hey, just wait for your turn. You will be in that situation too. Be patient and put a lot of efforts on that okay? Don't give up. We are made to be winners. Remember that.

Back to the final exam, the first paper would be Language, Ideology and Power, taught by Mr Hishamuddin. Not so much on paper to be studied, I meant the subject. Well.. we have just a few handouts. Hehehe.. It all about thinking which I don't really good at it. *reason why I managed to get low carry mark but thank you.

That is all. I don't actually remember my second and third day of final exam papers. *Yes, we just have three days... huahuahau... then, we are FREE.

Go through some pictures. Love this one.
me and Siti Aminah (my classmate)

Another one, tomorrow would be the day for me and a few friends to submit our FYP (Final Year Project). Excited? Yes, I am!!! Really. but, early tomorrow, I am going to collect my hard covered thesis (2 copies) from the premise.  They promise me to call but then until now, I do not receive any calls yet and tomorrow, for sure, I am going to be there and collect the books. No matter what. Yes, you heard me, clearly. Okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: LESS IS MORE. Apply it.

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