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Friday, June 8, 2012


To be honest, Badmnton would always be my favourite sport. 

Before I go any further, let me bring you back a few months ago. During mid semester break, I was on motorcycle bringing my nephew and niece to kelas mengaji. Unfortunately, on the way, the motorcycle was having a problem. It was in the middle of the hill, it was like the motorcycle loss its sanity. 

My nephew was at the back and my niece was in front sitting in the basket. When I loss the control of the motorcycle, the first thing that I think about is my niece and my nephew. I want to make sure that they are safe. That's all. I had a few cuts and bruises and I think my right hand wrist was/still having like terseliuh thingy but not that much. But, still I can feel it.

Therefore, back to badminton, last semester I was like a good player but after that small accident plus FYP and I was not able to play badminton. Yesterday, I went to play badminton AGAIN, I tried to play but I had small injuries, my knee, my betis and pergelangan kaki. Its like terseliuh too but not that teruk la. Thank to Belle because letak ubat this morning. Thank you.

And now, still the slight feeling of sengal-sengal is there but not like last night. And because of that, I need time to rest and I might be able to play again after one week rest. That is all I can say. Not that I do not want to play but I need to pay attention to my body's need which REST. For now.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: YES, I missed badminton, that is why I played yesterday.
p/s: people might think I give reason, but I the one who feel it. Not you.


  1. i know that knd of feeling!!
    we feel like doing something but our body couldn't afford to do it right??

    btw, anything u would like to say bout the pic?? i learned bout all those skeletons & tendons..

    get well soon k!! :)

  2. BP Boy : yup.. indeed. it suffers right? hahaha.. the picture? well.. i actually do not know about all of those bones in the picture. So, i have nothing to say.