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Tuesday, June 12, 2012



That is what I think right now. Yes! The reason why I think like that is because, when I called Maxis Care line, all what they said are "You need to change your plan or you need to upgrade your internet because the data usage has exceeded". What?? I barely connect to the internet and you ask me upgrade my usage data? WTG!!! aka What The Genius. or I would call Geniuses. 

Okay, I do not mind, I am actually okay with it because I will change the internet service provider later this month, after the contract is done and then, I am done with you Maxis. Okay? You'll have to wait. I will bare this suffering for a few weeks. I will. I will use this GPRS connection. Yes, I will. GPRS connection in the middle of Kuala Terengganu. YES, I will. GPRS, YES! But, after this, you'll see. 

I do not know what to do now. I can barely login Facebook, Twitter, Google. Is this Government policies? So, we do need to spend more to things that we want? Isn't? Good then. Clear picture given. And to be honest, wait until I got back home, you'll see, I will not be able update a single entry. REASON? I can't get any of internet because the lines from service providers were not even there. In the area of my village. Sad? Yes, but that's the thing that I/we have to face every single day. Sometimes, we need to search for the availability of the line, so we can make calls. Sad? but its the truth.

Well, for how long we need to suffer from this? Ha? I do need transformation for my village or we will forever stay the same. Even though, now we have few things that we could be proud of, but we need more. We need more. 

Yes, we need to do the talks and also we need to do the walk. yes, we have to do it or we will stay forever the same. 

This is my expression towards imbalanced things happened in my village. Hardly get internet connection. Hardly get the line for telephone. Hardly get things. Do we need to cry our tears for these improvements? Do we? Do we need to scream for these developments? Do we need to sell our story to the media, so that we get the media attention? I believe we do not, right? But, IF the condition brings nowhere, I might think to step up and do the works. I might. I might. This is for the villagers' sakes. But, I want my house first to get the internet connection. I might consider the TM, but I do not know how much many they want for the cable. Do we need to pay for the cable too? Wow!!! hahaha.. TM would be bathing with lots of money then.

I do not know what to say except one thing, Change!

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Need to study. Thinking bout this will not bring me anywhere. Seriously.

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