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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Both Will Be Remembered.

"Keep smiling and Dream big"

Well, I use this phrase quite a lot these days. I just feel inspired by that. I do not know why but I believe I will know it someday.

But, before that, lemme give you the perfect pictures to let you remember the past and carry these amazing memories with you. As the momento.

These pictures were taken using Ammarah's amazing HP, Samsung. Thanks Belle for the treat. It was total insane to eat that much. haha.. but thank you very much. *bow to both of you. The setting of these pictures at a restaurant and also at the beach. Nice isn't? This was the day after examination *last paper. Gosh. Hate to say this, but I love this moment and I will be missing you two. (T_T)v

Thanks Madam Mahani for this picture. Taken from ur FB.
Belle and Me.
Belle and Angah.
Belle and Me. Why me like that?
Well, better let your imagination run wild. *nothing wild about us actually. Haha.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: lots to do after going back home. Yup, lots to do.


  1. congrats! you hv finished ur studies? good luck in whatever u do after this.

  2. WC: yup, finished the studies already. Thank you kak.