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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Your Are Who You Are.

"You were born with honour"

Yes, do people know that every single person in this world has their own part to be fulfilled? Let me put things I want to say in this form of example. Do you mind look at these two pictures for a while?

Whale, is the biggest mammal in the world and lives in the ocean. How fascinating isn't? They feed themselves with zooplankton. The smallest things ever live in this world. here, you see down here.


The zooplankton are a community of microscopic (<3 mm)animals that are found attached to underwater plants, in sediments or suspended in the open water zone of lakes and reservoirs. Some species even move between these contrasting environments at different stages in their life cycle. Despite their size, open water zooplankton are active swimmers and are able to move throughout their environment.

This is the size of whales live in the ocean.
Well, let us get to the point here. Whether your size is big as a big fat whale or as small as zooplankton *which both are very damn impossible (Metaphor), well, the thing is size does not matter because every living thing has their own purposes. We live to fulfill the need of our Creator. 

We have our own role in this world. No matter who you are, what you do, who your parents are, how wealthy you are, how poor you are, you existence is seen. The roles are the same. Do you know what zooplankton are the servings for the whale? That makes you think right? Well, in my honest opinion, the reason God make them like that is to make us accept the fact that we need each other. This is because the term in Malay, "Saling Melengkapi" would be the best term ever to describe this thing. 

The small needs the big. The beautiful needs the not-so-beautiful ones and so many other. *do I need to list it here? thanks darling readers.

Well, I truly believe that you managed to get the point yes? 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I am fat.

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  1. Sorry for the typo there on the title. it should be "you Are Who You Are'