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Friday, July 20, 2012

Esok Puasa!!! Yeay!!!

Ramadhan is around the corner, in fact, is it tomorrow. For the Moslems, Ramadhan is one of the months that is very important. Yes, reason? we can fast, plus, we can beribadah kepada Allah. Like seriously. There are many specialty in Ramadhan. We fast, tarawikh, and of course, food. The food is like amazing thing in Ramadhan. 

There would be many kinds of food from traditional cuisines to fusion cuisines. Seriously. There will be. Plus, the bazaar Ramadhan would be everywhere. For this Ramadhan, my sister and I will be selling food too, roti jala, kuih keria, cucur udang and a few more. Love it. 

My nephew would be the person who will be handling the cashier-ing thingy. Hahaha.. He wants it then we just give it to him je la kan. Well, this after noon, we will be cleaning the place for the mini bazaar and hope everyone would be joining us too but if there is no people, never mind, we can do it. hehehe...

Well, it is about time for me to go now. I am now at the Temerloh Hospital and in the cafeteria, people are around me.. got to go. 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: this raya, I will be making a lot of kuih raya.

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