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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fifth Day of July.

"Eat according to your body"

What is this actually about? Eat according to your body. It means we need to take protein and so many more according to our body needs. For example, if our body needs just 500 gram or rice, then we cannot eat like 2 kg of rice. It is that simple but the simplest thing to say is surely the hardest thing to be done. It can be done but it is way hard to do it. For sure.

It is hard to control my diet when I am home. Yes, it is hard but today, I am trying new ways of dieting, which is fasting. But the primary intention is not to be thinned but it  is because of the Nisfu Sya'ban. I fast because of that day. It is also the preparation towards Ramadhan in like 15 days? Right? So, I need to be prepared facing Ramadhan. That is all. Hehe... and secondary intention is, to get healthy. Hehehe... aka loss weight. 

This morning, I am alone in my home because everyone in this home but me have things to do. My dad, mum, brother, sister are going to ladang. Rubber tapping. All my nephews are going to school. So, me left home with pain on my foot. Gosh, it is hard to move around. Very darn hard. I am like handicapped person da, but I think I want to go to hospital but I do not yet. Huhu..

Well, that is a lot right? I would love to post my dishes that I made for my family but I need to think twice before posting it. That internet is too slow. So, I just posted it on my FB thru BlackBerry. So, you can go to my FB and see the pictures there. Thank you. It is random pictures actually, but you can enjoy it too.

Many things in my mind but due to this pain I cannot go around like before. It hurts.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: It teaches me to be bersyukur.

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