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Thursday, July 5, 2012


“It is good to be home”

Yes, no one could deny that right? Unless you have major problems with your parents which I don’t. Haha… Well, being home it very frightening to be honest. This is because when I am home, I clearly have problems with my eating habit. It is not getting lesser *the amount, but it’s getting bigger. Seriously, its bigger and bigger. I do not know how to control it. But I will try my very best to control it. What I will do, I will eat in the morning *breakfast and lunch but NO MORE DINNER for me. Hihu~~ (^_^)~~. Wish that happen. 

Enough with eating disorder, obviously, my problem is not like, eat lesser but I am eating more-er. Hahaha… bigger portion. Today (28 June 2012), I ate 5 servings of rice. Imagine that! OMG, seriously, if I go to the hospital, for sure immediately the doctor would ask me to lose weight. *again. They know only how to talk but me? I need to control my diet and MY GOD, temptations are EVERYWHERE. Or maybe I just need to decrease the portion of the rice. I think that might help me and also the night exercise might also help. I need to reconsider liposuction. *I did have a thought of it. Seriously. Haha.. 

I am glad to be home, and I am too happy sleeping in my own bed. It is just nice. Even though the stuff are gladly and happily pilling-up in my small little room but I try to throw away stuff that I do not use, but the room is still the same. Books everywhere. Wires.  God, spare me lives. * demand. Hahaha..  But I was thinking of donating the un-used clothes *which do not fits me perfectly. Some are too small. Yeah, I am obviously growing. Hehehe… 

This is a new story, I managed to go to the TM point and asking for line of TM *internet, but they need time to make decision whether they need are able to get it in or not. Well, it looks like I just have to wait. Patiently. While, me being home it heaven where I can watch my favourite television shows and many more. Plus, the Olympics Event is coming. I am glad I could watch this time because last 4 years, I missed it. I was in the Uni life back then. But now, I just need to find job. Hehe *gosh, its hard. Seriously

Just want to mention here, my *our transcripts from the UNISZA were not been issued yet then it brings problem in applying jobs. Seriously.  Agree? Rise up your innocent hands. Hehehe.. but I will, they will issue it, right?
Well, that is it. I said it all. Love to be back on blogging again.
Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s : I am fat. Shoot me!

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