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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Penyahbuangansampah aka declutterring.

"The clutters have to go"

OMG, my room looks like a tv programme called "Clean House" where they *experts do all this de-clutterring the houses. And my room looks like those houses. Seriously and I am not even close to set a good healthy room for myself and entire home, which they love my room. 

Now, I do not know the condition of my room. Bad, Worst or Worse. I honestly do not know, not that I do not want to know but I just do not want to know it yet. Hahaha.. *pening aku baca balik ayat aku ni.

Okay, and tonight, I have collected many papers and many other un-used things and need to be out from my little room. I have nothing much, a single bed, a computer table, two wardrobes, one storage cabinet and that's all. I do have too a small space for me to solat and night exercise. Love to exercise at night. Nothing less, nothing more. *what am I talking about. Seriously. Gosh.

Well, after doing all these de-clutterring thingy, myself get into this dusty zone when there are a lot of dusts flying and scattering on the floor. OMG... and I need to sweep those dusts tomorrow morning, after get up from the bed, or.. right now,in the middle of the night? Am not sure. Not sure. 

Well, I'll make that decision and I am very pleased with the de-cluttering tonight. Its a success!!!

Okay, good night all, make sure you basuh you punya kaki before going to sleep okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: English aku okay je kan? tak susah sangat kan nak baca? kan?

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