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Monday, July 9, 2012

Speak Like Native Speakers.

"The aim is to be one of them"

I was BBM-ing with my friend and yes, I do have Blackberry. Hahaha... Well, that is not the problem or the main concern. Yes, it is not. We were talking about how to improve our English command. People nowadays are always looking for ways of improving themselves in terms of everything. Yup, always. 

Well, just one thing, if people ask me, "how to improve my English?", and I would not answer "Oh my English!!" no, no, no. I would answer, "Read a lot and learn more about the basic English grammar". The reason why I said that is because, I had this amazing experience of not knowing basic English grammar, well, during my primary, secondary and form 6 years. I did not know the rules, yes, I did not. But then, when I was in the first semester during Bachelor of English, I met few friends *classmates who have better English command than me, then, I learn from them. One of them would be Belle. He taught me a lot in basic English grammar. Whenever he saw me doing mistakes in English, he would immediately stopped and corrected me. I am glad to have friend like him. Thanked God! And, one more tips to actually learn English is by reading. This is because, by reading, you will able to find many interesting and new words to construct your sentences. Right? Well, it has nothing to do with talent when it comes to learning. Everyone can learn and it is the matter of efforts put on the learning process. Learning process does not take a night to master the field that you are in, you need to have a continuous learning process, then, it would be able to called, a process. A long process; learning process. *what am I talking about. hehehe.. 

Well, it is not easy to learn a new language but it is not also too hard to learn a new language. What we need is the right strategy and enough resources. That is all. Plus, our own determination. We have to have that determination to do whatever that we want to do. Okay? What ever it is, we have to give our own very best right? Do your best and beat the rest. Can? hehe.. *direct translation. sorry.

Okay, I think, it should be more than enough for tonight's educational materials discussion, right? Well, I need to get my sleep, otherwise, panda eyes would be on me tomorrow. 

Keep smiling and dream big.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: that friend who I was BBM-ing was Qamar. TESL student from UNISZA. She addresses me as 'abang', geli pun ada. hehe.. but it is okay now. haha..