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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cornflakes Chocolate with Honey Cookies.

"Jolly Good Evening people"

Well, I supposed you had a wonderful evening right? 

I am far beyond happy because just now, I ate AGAIN, the duck, the pineapples, the ikan masin, the prawns and on top of that, I made cookies. The cookies that I mentioned in the previous entry, remember? Well, here is the recipe for the "Cornflakes chocolate with honey cookies"


A box of Nestle Cornflakes
500 gram of Cooking chocolate (choose your chocolate with your own heart)
250 gram Butter
Edible beads (sugar)
Cups (small cups)
A bottle of honey


To make the chocolate:

Take the cups and line them on the tray.
Put the cornflakes inside each cup.
Then, pour honey in the cornflakes inside the cups.

Take 300 gram of chocolate and 100 gram of butter, put together inside a pan. Use the technique double-boiling to melt the chocolate. Then, after the chocolate is perfectly melted, then you can pour the chocolate into the cups with cornflakes and honey.

After that, you can put the edible sugar on top of the cookies as garnishing. Remember, less is more. That term actually applies to the garnishing thingy not the chocolate. Usually, people love chocolate. So, be generous, put lots of chocolate inside the cups. :)

There you go, the recipe, it is worth of trying tau. It is not that hard. You do not even have to bake it. 
*Do not use dark chocolate because it has bitter taste and do not add sugar into the chocolate because the chocolate is sweet. 
 Well, that is all. The recipe is there, and you just need to try the recipe. This recipe is actually my own creation. I created this like 5 years ago. And I love it very much. Most important, it is an easy cookies to be made. So, good luck. Hope you'll like too. 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: try it eh?

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