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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do Not Take The Future Away From Us!

Hi semua!!!

Good afternoon to all, how do you do today? You must be having great time at home right? Well.. Malaysia's Independence Day is just around the corner. Do you have plan to this coming Friday? Well, in fact the celebration is on the Thursday night, right? 

Before we go any further, what does independence day means to you? We surely have many opinions and answers but as for me, the real meaning of independence is not yet been achieved. Why? YES, we are free from the Japan, British and we are free country but do we really free?

Let me take one aspect, politic. In modern days, politic has become more and more dirty. Everyone agrees that politic is dirty right? But one funny fact that we cannot put away is that we are bound to this political thingy. Why? Without politic *I believe, we would not have a government. I still remember one quote, "We have to love and cherish our own country but it is not a must to love and cherish the Government". Why? Why do you not loved by all Malaysians? When people have this wonderful way of thinking, we would think beyond what has happened. Why? Because we know things. We know what is right and what is wrong. I am not going to tarnish the present government's image but seriously, you people need to think thoroughly before make something. I have actually no problem with current government. No problems at all, they gave me PTPTN, education and so many things, but due to some reason the Government's credibility has been doubted these days. Why this happened?

Have you ever think to actually revive the spirit but by doing it in the right way? Well, we have seen you doing try and error but the success and the error-ness are equal. How's that happened?

Well, as we can see, we are not free yet right? To catch the meaning of independence is million kilometers away. We, the youngsters do take part in the government but we may not as bold as others but I do believe, one day, all of these will change.There will be time where the youngsters becoming adults and the adults becoming old timers. And as for that reason, keep striving for better future and do not take the future away from us. Peace. Believe in Peace. 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s : I do believe in PEACE!

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