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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

English Language Lesson.

Good morning all.

I was given a great advice from my dear friend saying that I need to improve my English and I need to avoid using a few words that will cause my English to be declined. I actually agree with that advice. Obviously, there was a research carried out by one research from the USA saying that the second language users will have problem in communicating with other people when they hardly use their second language (English). I do agree with this statement from this researcher. There are many ways for our second language to be declined. One of them is the improper words used during conversation or writing. Sometimes, when we ignored the rules of grammar *for instance we would immediately feel that it is alright to do the mistakes but it is not actually. As for me, I am learning English grammar almost everyday. I will keep on repeating all those rules in my mind, whenever I want to construct sentences, I will try and error first, then, I will say the words. Not that I did not have the confidence to say it straight away but for the sake of not doing the mistakes, it is better for me to rehearse it first. Well, that is my method, I do not know yours.

Back to the declining of English language among non-native speakers. As I mentioned before, there are lots of ways that contribute to the declining of English language among non-native speakers such as, 1. not able to practice the English, 2. the environment was not help much, 3. not enough English reading materials, 4. low self esteem, 5. lack of motivation. Here, there are five causes of declining. I believe, there are more causes that may cause declining of English language but I could only figured five out. But, there problem actually can be solved by finding one's favourite way of learning English language and focus on that one way. This will make things easier. Different people have different ways of learning things. As for an example, I'm myself love to listening to radio, watching television, reading. So, my ways of learning involved two major element which are visual or audio and combination of both. Radio is fully audio, reading is fully visual and television is combination of both. So, visual and audio made two major elements. 

To overcome this matter, what we actually need is to practice because as the saying goes, "Practice Makes Perfect". Do not afraid to make mistakes. If do not know the English grammar rule, it is better for you to ask those who know about the grammar. Read loudly, when you ears can hear what you have said and it is help you building the confidence that you should have in communicating with other people. 

To know about English grammar is the best way getting know the language itself. Grammar is like pillars and without it, all the added things are all useless. Right? I am too still learning about English grammar, since I am too second language user so, keep on learning, okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Learning is a whole life process.

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