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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Selamat Malam dan Selamat Bersahur Semua!

"Good night everyone!"

Yes, it is actually my time to sleep. This is me when I am home, I tend to sleep early but during my uni life, I slept at like 2 - 3 AM. Seriously, sometimes, there were nothing to do but surfing the internet at time was heaven. The internet is so damn fast during that time. I mean, at 2, 3 AM in the morning. 

But now, I can't do it anymore. When I am home, I sleep time turned from flexible to fixed. My sleep time would during these time, 11-30pm - 12-30 am. Yes! I do now know why but I feel like, I am okay with that situation actually. Hehehe..

Well, this is just another story to tell. Just now, I drank Tea Jamu from Mustika Ratu and seriously, now, I started feeling the pain, I mean my stomach is growling! waaaaaa... its painful too actually. but for the sake of being beautiful person like me *perasan nak mampus!!!, anyone would do anything right? lau tak, takkan la ada model buang rahim kan? huhuhu. sapa? cari sendiri...

Well,, good night then., and selamat bersahur!

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: eh! dah hilang da sakit perutnya.. mungkin ia simpan untuk esok kot. Hehehe..

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