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Monday, August 27, 2012

Stop Discriminating Other People!

Good Evening everyone.

As you all know, I am like now one of the tweet-a-holics in the world of twittering. Yes. I am. I tweet about almost everything. I tweet about my life, interests, surroundings, food, tv programmes and many more. I have a few friends who actually like friends of tweeting. Belle, Wahida, Wan Zul are among them. 

Some people asked me, "What is Twitter?", "Is it good?", everything new is quite hard because we did not familiar with it yet, right? but when its blending in quite nicely, we would find that Tweetting is the best medium to actually update our status. Its is a different method to say things. Which is good because we need something to channel our mind, right?

Tweeting with my friends makes me feel like chatting with them. Face-to-face. And now, I am going to bring up one great matter. "Not everyone thinks like us think". Reason? I have my own reasons. We are different. Unique in our own ways. Discrimination is not something that can be used towards other people. This is because sometimes, when you discriminate people, it will come back to you. If its not yourself, it might be your daughters, sons, grandchildren and many more. So, stop discrimination other people and start creating good and better lives because you are not the only one who stays in this world. Yes, you are not the only one. Note that okay?

Okay, the reason why I wrote this entry was because I have a friend who were controlled by her colleagues in her work place. I sincerely think that, it is also one of the discrimination. People are different just because that small difference you need to discriminate people. hey? not nice la. You *those discriminators need to think wisely about that matter. 

Discrimination not only bring harm but it also lead to dangerous emotionally disturbed to those who become the victims. Other people might not know but the victims feel the abuse. 

Stop discriminating other people okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Muhasabah diri.

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