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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tania Zainal in 7 Ramadhan is Amazing!!!

"Good Drama!"

7 Ramadhan, I watched it with family and amazingly, the ending is very very good. I love it. Tania Zainal, you are my newest actress! You are very good! Very darn good. I love it. Looovvveee it!!

To all the casts of 7 Ramadhan, you are the best. You put all of you emotions in the drama. Amazing! Elly Suriyati, Tania Zainal, Dhani *do not know his name yet, Nabila Huda,Tania Zainal, Datin's Daughter, you are the best. Love that drama. Wish all the directors in Malaysia could produce more dramas like that and please! Take Tania Zainal! She is goooddd!!! Very good. 

Love her last scene when she slapped Dhani's face. Pergh! It was insanely good. Amazingly good. "Walaupun aku ni bengkeng, tapi aku memang pantang dengan anak yang derhaka kepada ibunya, sekarang, aku nak kau pergi jumpa mak kau dan cium kaki mak kau." Sort of la.. I do not know all the dialogue, *duh! 

All and all, I sometimes love watching Malay dramas. Hehehe.. Well, That is all for now, Later readers.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I am full, kenyang dah!

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