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Monday, September 10, 2012

Alpen Light Summer Fruits Bar!!!

Petang semua...

Wah2!!! mesti ada yang da kenyang makan nih!! ke ada yang tak sudah makan lagi dari tengahari tadi? eh! jangan korang... bukan apa, banyak makan, susah nak bergerak. Hehehe... aku ni.. saiz seluar dah menambah dah!! Takut dah aku ni.. need to do something..hehe obviously not just talking! shoot! urgh!

When I am thinking about my weight, my mood would easily go down rock bottom but when the amazing foods are in front of me, I would just easily forget about my weight. How's that? But never mind! I have found the solution!!! Light Alpen Bars is the solution to my weight matter. I ate this Light Alpen Bars and amazingly, I am full for quite a long time. Sadly, I happened to have only one but I will try to look for it. It is made in England. Maybe this product is sold in premises somewhere in KLCC. I dont know. I'll try to Google it first. But, God! it is tasty. I love it very much.

With just only 70 calories per bar, it would be the perfect diet for me. I would not have to suffer from hungry-ness. The pictures above show you the layout of that bars. It is very tasty plus very healthy. You'd better look for it. Hehe..

Well, that is all for my tips of losing weight which I yet never try. Hehehe...

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Chocolate makes me happy!

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