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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cool Blog rocks!!!

Hi everyone..

How do you do? Last night, while going back from Putrajaya, we stopped at RNR Seremban and I spotted one cool shop.. and I bought drink from this cool shop. What would be the name of that shop? Well... clues have been given there darlings... Cool.. Coolblog.. I could not find it here in Bentong, Raub or Kuala Lipis.... or just I do not know where to find it. Maybe. But seriously, I love their drinks... I love Strwberry+Chocolate Smoothies Double Pearl. And I tell you, It seriously good. As far as I am concerned, Coolblog is based in Singapore and they have many branches. Many.

Here is the Coolblog website, there many things going on involving Coolblog. Click this link okay? Coolblog. Here in Raub, Bentong and Kuala Lipis is hard to find Coolblog shop. I do not why it could not penetrate here. I love this drink, could anyone bring in Coolblog somewhere in these three districts? One shop would be enough. hehehe.. 


p/s: I want this drink!!


  1. memang syok! mya suka sgt hee :D

  2. Mya: thanks for commenting here... memang I pun suka gak Coolblog... seyes... nak post picture cadangannya.. tapi takley susah lar...

  3. ala kite yang kat uitm klantan hari2 minum coolblog sbb ade kios kat dalam uitm...boleh katekan semua flavor dah try..hiiihh