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Friday, September 28, 2012

Edited And Not Edited Me.

Good morning!!!

Good morning, *even though morning is no longer early morning but still it is not yet 12 PM right? hehehehe.. morning is still morning.  Well, I took Nasi Goreng made by aunt this morning.

this is me in edited picture.

This is me in not edited picture.
Yes, I know, when we are on FB, we tend to use picture that somehow portrays us handsome, not-our-real-face, thin and so many things else that would make us attractive, right? I cannot deny that, I am practicing that too, no one in this world wants to look no attractive right? Right? Right? If someone says YES, oh, please.. you gotta to be kidding me. 

But when we use our own picture on FB or other social medias but hey, *cricket cricketing.. it is not a issue right? hahaha..

What ever it is, do not lose yourself. Hehehe...

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I have to write in English back, I am losing my grip on English language that I have in me, its getting loosen and loosen. *is that right? wow...

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