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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Learning Process.

Selamat petang...

Afternoon all, how do you do? Today is Thursday right? OMG! Its Thursday already.. it is almost the end of the week. Anything in the pocket to do this weekend? Well.. hope you have planned things that you wish to do. 

Whatever it is, this afternoon, for the hi-tea, I made Keledek Goreng with Milo. Weird, awkward combination eyh? but it tasted gggreat! To be honest, I have nothing to be posted as my entry but I need to write just to make sure my survival of my blog. I have too.

Aaahh... Today I bought New Strait Times and it has a few columns where it talks about English language and I personally think that it might help us the second language users in improving our English. Yes, I know, there are many ways of improving our English language but we need to know what is the best way for us right?

OMG, what am I talking about here, Hahha... whatever it is, learning process is not just for 11 years, it is a continuous process.There is an Arabic word of wisdom, "Learning process is from we small (baby) until we die". *I do not really know the translation from Arabic to English but at least you got the main idea right?

Well, I need to go now, have something important to do.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: To gain back the memory is not an easy task. Sure.

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