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Monday, September 24, 2012

Me On DIVA Cover!!!


Evening all, I really wanted to write this entry but I did not have the time and I just do not know how to write it actually but hell yeah, now I know. I want to share with you this amazing cover made by my group during our last semester in UNISZA. Hehehe... Do not be surprised with the outcome of this amazing spread. I know, you would believe the amazing thing I have for you right? hahaha... 

That is me.
Haa... see here? This amazing spread was created by my group. There were three people in the group, me, Belle and Nik Azlinda. We were great and to be honest, even though it was tough in choosing the materials but it was fun. We had great fun. Yes, we had fun doing it. I love it very much. Thank you.

This picture was taken by Belle and the outfit would be my own. I do not know how this amazing picture turned out to be real amazing. I looked very think there. *I am thin. still. hahaha...

But whatever it is, this project has given me great things, great experiences. Thank you. I would never gonna forget the amazing moments.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I think I am sick. I refuse to get medical check up. Hahaha...

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