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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Experiences In Learning English, Back Then.

Good evening or should I say good morning all...

well, I am going to sleep after writing this entry. Yes, I will. I am going to write my past experiences with English newspaper. Why? As far as I can remember, I was introduced to English newspaper when I was in secondary school. I was back then in Sekolah Menengah Agama Al-Ulum Ad-Dinniah Dong and my chance of learning English as much as I could was not really good. We could only have like 2-4 hours per week learning English as in classroom. The rest of it we have to learn by ourselves. Back then, we were very much struggling to get the materials in order for us to get the best lessons. We had to divide our time learning so many other subjects, but that was my choice of learning. Thanked God, I was able to learn as much as I could about English back then. Though I was not the best student but I managed to get English subject better than the other subjects. I am very thankful of that. That would be my secondary schooling experience related to English subject learning.

For my primary schooling experience related to English language learning, back then, I did not know what there were English newspapers in the market. We were depending on the materials given by the teachers and school. Textbooks, exercise books and all the printed materials except newspapers. I did not know back then,  I did not know really. I still remember, when we were Standard 6, before UPSR in year 2000, there was this Indian education officer and I do not remember his name, sorry, but he did give us a few tips in learning English language. Well, obviously, the tips were for the upcoming UPSR and alhamdulillah,  I did quite well. He taught us about the intonation in reading sentences. That sentence was "Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia". He read is with very clear voice and we were following his intonation while reading that particular sentence. Unfortunately, we were not native speakers, being able to utter few words is good enough. We did have great teachers who taught us (still teaching in that same school) and they taught us great things. Thank you very much. 

Back to the lack of materials in learning English language. I do not know where would be the mistakes but children nowadays especially in rural area, some of them, do not have the motivation in learning English language. Yes, it is very important language but no matter how important one particular thing is, without motivation, no one can do anything, right? Well, cannot blame the kids, do you know what, what is most devastating feeling that I have for television nowadays would be the dubbing from English to Malay. If its good Malay language, no, I do not mind at all but the translation is like the worse Malay language ever. Inappropriate words used in the translation. I could not tolerate that, really. Back then, there were subtitles for the English language programmes even the cartoons but nowadays, they provide the inappropriate Malay words usage translation for the children to watch cartoons plus, they also dubbed the tv programme. Ridiculously not good. I watched back then English tv programme, at first I did not understand the language as in overall but eventually, it turned out great for me. I am able to guess the words and understand the language without referring to dictionary.*might be not the best way in learning language. That is imitation technique. When we learn to imitate the words uttered by the native speakers and we speak the words, even we do not know yet the meaning. But that is learning. We did not but then the learning process took place, we actually learned something and with that knowledge we applied it to other things. Easy as it looks right? But to adapt is the hardest thing to do. Not all adaptation works on everything. You might learn something from that too.

Well, I believe the scenes have changed rapidly. English newspapers are everywhere. It is the matter of buying-learning it or not-seeing-it-coming, hahaha... but children nowadays should feel very lucky because being able to get as much as reading materials as they want because the Government is giving them so much in order for them to get the best educations ever. Yes, the educations in Malaysia might not as good as those in UK, US, Singapore, but I believe we are getting here, fast.

That is my stories an my concerns about English language learning nowadays. My voice might just small voice but at least I have shouted my voice well, right? BTW, the primary school's name that I attended is Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Atok. This is based on my experiences and the way I learned English language might be applied to other people and might not but one thing I know is that whatever it is, reading and auditory are the best ways of learning language, especially English language.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I believe that learning is not just in pre-school, primary, secondary or in university but it is a long time life experience. We are learning new things in our life. Yes.  

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