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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Water Horse, I Love Scotland!

Evening All!!!

How do you do? I hope you are in great shapes eyh? This evening, I was able to watch "The Water Horse" and it was very amazing. I love it very much. I wanted to see this movie like after it was on the screen but I was not able to do that and thank God, I was able to watch this movie. Thanks HBO. Hehe..

In the movie, they were using Scottish English and the dialect is totally amazing. I love it very much. I admit it ,  I was trying to imitate the pronunciation but it quite hard to imitate. I have the English already *berangan but I do believe with non-stop training sessions, I will be able to apply the Scottish English. Hehehe..

Here I have listed a few sites that you might be interested in about the things that wrote here.

There are all from Wikipedia. *hey this is not a research eyh? you might want to take a look. :) These information are amazing and you might have a little bit of experience to learn English language eyh?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Scotland it is.


  1. U nk imitate, i dulu nk buang dialect tu. Sbb org jrg fhm.

  2. Nadhirah: memang ar. tapi after listening to it in the movie tu.. rasa macam best pulak....