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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keep On Smiling Eyh?

Good evening all!!

Must you have performed you solah right? Maghrib? If that is so, good, if not, well.. you'd better perform it now, okay?

Okay, those days and these days, people usually misunderstood me. I get this a lot. "Eh, you have the meanest face ever", "Look at your face, put a smile on your face" etc. When I looked in the mirror, I usually see a happy person but I do not really know what happen when I am not smiling. I just do not know. Maybe, people see a different person, a person who have problem with his face and unable to smile. I do not know but one of my friend said, I have the face that can make people see negative things. Hahaha.. but there was one occasion when I was smiling all the way from morning to night and one morning, in the class, there was one friend of mine telling me this *I wrote it in Malay language, "Jangan senyum banyak sangat, nampak macam kerang busuk". I was stunned and I really do not know what to do. But hey, as for now, people can tell me what to do but do they know how? Like, people were born with different faces and different face muscles. 

And since that, I choose to smile when I have to smile. Whatever right? Like people care about it very much. Hahaha.. I wrote this introduction to this entry is because I saw this entry from a friend of mine. CLICK HERE. Interesting actually. How the world love different thing. This subject have hard time to smile but people love it. I love it too but when I smile and not smiling, people do not like me? Because I am a human? Not a cat? hahaha..

Well, hope you will be smiling from morning to night and have a better life. Eyh?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: once a while, I need to write an entry in English. :)

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