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Monday, October 22, 2012




Night is getting late,
3 minutes to midnight,
Sleeping is not the choice now,
Sitting around, doing nothing,
All I can hear is crickets cricketing outside,
Rain pours heavily,
Yet, just imagination.
My imagination.

Night is getting late,
2 minutes to midnight,
I want to sleep,
Still, my eyes would shut for just 6 hours sleep,
Crickets are still cricketing outside,
No rain, No rain at all,
Wondering, will moon be shone?
Wondering, will sun be bright tomorrow?

Night is getting late,
1 minute to midnight,
I need to sleep,
My eyes are closing for me,
Still crickets cricketing outside,
Cold, cold, cold,
No, its not winter but surely its cold outside,
Will sun be bright tomorrow?

Its midnight.
Today became yesterday,
Tomorrow became today,
and tomorrow would never be here.

by Akmall Razlan

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