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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nasi Lemak for tomorrow morning.


Its almost 10.30 pm and I am already in my bed preparing to sleep. Funny eyh? I could barely remember during my uni life, I usually sleep at 12 am and above and there was one time, I slept at 5.00 am. I do not recall why but surely that longest night ever. Hahaha..

Well, whatever it is, life must go on. Tonight was a wonderful night, reason? I managed to make the sambal for nasi lemak. Hehe.. I made sambal two ways. One would be the normal usual sambal which just blended dried chillies  and blended big onions, cooked together until its cooked and for tasting, put salt and also sugar. The other sambal would be, same ingredients but I put ikan tongkol in it. I missed the way of nasi lemak was cooked in Terengganu. They put ikan tongkol in the sambal nasi lemak, so, I try to make it happens here. Hehehe... I do not know whether its good or not, but it better be good, if not, hahahaha...

As for the rice, I will make it tomorrow. Early in the morning, I have to wake up to make it happens, OR! there will be no nasi lemak for tomorrow. Need to wake up early, so, in order for me to wake up early tomorrow, I'd better start sleeping. Hahaha.. no a chance. My stomach is not on my side right now, she makes a little party inside. So not great at all. 

Well, since I have three main social networking site (Twitter, Blog and Facebook) so, all of them would be all about Nasi Lemak. hashtag nasi lemak! hahahaha...

As for tomorrow, I will be taking pictures of nasi lemak and put it here. Okay? In my blog. So wait for it tomorrow will ya?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Really sleepy. Really.

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