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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

These Two Little Monsters.

Hi and very good evening to all.

Since I bought the Canon Powershot A3400 SI this afternoon, my beloved nephews have become full time photographers. I was like, what are you doing with MY camera? hahaha.. well, actually, it is not just my camera, it is a the family's camera, reason? I usually take their pictures and most of the time, me is not in every picture. Hahaha..

I have my own mission that I need to accomplish which is to take the pictures of my village and put it in my blog. I want to do it for so long already but hehehe... now, I have my camera, I can do it and also, I have the internet connection. It's on!!!

These two little monsters are my nephews and the one who took this photos is also my nephew, Abang Fahim  *he will be Standard 6 next year. See that expressions with these two, huh! hahahha... btw, this is not EDITED or what, it is like it is. They built it just like that. The upper one is Vivid and the down there is Monochrome.  Amazing isn't?

Well.. that is all.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s; GLEEK!


  1. Cool Camera! Have a good time with your camera buddy :). Thx for dropping by on my blog :D

  2. Liselle MonCherie : Thank you for commenting on my blog, I love reading your writings. yup, i will.