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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christine Ha, Winner of MasterChef US Season 3.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Everyone knows right about this television programme which aired in the US and now it is airing in Malaysia, well, delayed of course. MasterChef US Season 3.

I would always feel something about one amazing chef. She is visually impaired but she has great taste. She is Christine Ha.  Yes, MasterChef Christine Ha. She is the Winner of MasterChef US Season 3. Amazing!

Honestly, I adore her so very much. Yes, she is visually impaired but to be the winner and won MasterChef is not something that normal. It is really awesome! Like, really really great! I still remember when the contestants on the programme made apple pie. Her pie was the last pie to be tasted and that time, Chef Gordon was the first chef among three to taste the apple pie. When, Chef Gordon said good things about the pie, she was crying. Yes, she cried. I would too if I was there, in fact, when I watched the programme, I did cry a bit. She is blind but then she makes great foods. That is a gift from God. Really.

All the way in the programme, she was some sort the underdog and no one would believe she is a competition but then, she won the MasterChef US Season 3. She won! She is blind and she won! I mean, she is amazing.

I know about this just now, when I surfed and looked up for the winner of MasterChef US Season 3, I was surprised and I could not believe what I just saw. "Christine Ha won the MasterChef US Season 3. And I said to myself, she is not a ordinary person, she is gift from God and He wants us to really work hard for what we want. Yes.

Ha has a blog and she writes about her journey after MasterChef US, she named her blog The Blind Cook - Sightless Adventure of Gastronomical Proportions. You may click on the link given and it will lead you to her blog and you may read her writings there. Don't ask on how she writes, I don't know too, she might type like us because she was not blind before, for the past 10 years, her visual was gradually lost. So, she knows how to see, still.

If I am not mistaken, she won USD 250,000 and MasterChef title and also cookbook will be published under her name. Her original recipes. 

She deserved to win and she has inspired lots of people already. She is amazing. She won on September 2012. Late uh? hehhe.. sorry for that late update.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

p/s: How's our MasterChef Malaysia Season 2 are doing?

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