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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kari Ayam Bandar Kampung (Townville Chicken Curry)

Assalamualaikum WBT,

How do you do all? Okay, I am so sorry for not writing this whole day. Well, there is one entry about Orchid. Right? For those who read it, they know what are the jobs that I did today. Hehe.. Well,,, my mum cooked something really special today. Do you want to know was the dish? Chicken curry! Hehe,, the chicken curry was not the normal chicken curry that we always had but then, what made it different was the chicken. 

Amazing fact about the chicken was, the chicken was the commercial type of chicken but then it was raised traditionally. It was not raised using commercial way. Amazing huh? and my gosh! the chicken was huge, it almost 3 kg. I mean, wow. haha..

So, i just can post the pictures of the dishes. Hehe.. have it your way.

How were the pictures? You are enjoying this pictures right? I know so. Hehe.. Well, here is the recipe for this chicken curry.

Kari Ayam Bandar Kampung.

Ingredients :

1 Chicken
2 packet of Baba's Curry Powder
1 1/5 kg Coconut Milk
2 big onions (finely and thinly chopped)
3 small onions (finely and thinly chopped)
3 cloves garlic (finely and thinly chopped)
3 cm ginger (finely and thinly chopped)
1 cinnamon stick
2 star anise
1 clove
1 cup of grinned dried chillies 
5 tablespoons of cooking oil

Method :

1. Heat the wok with cooking oil and saute the big onions, small onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon sticks, star anise and clove. Saute about 3 minutes with medium heat.

2. Add the grinned dried chillies and cook for about 10 minutes with medium heat. 

3.Add the Baba's Curry Powder into the wok. Cook about 10 more minutes until the mixture comes together well. 

4. Add the chicken. Make sure you chopped the chicken nicely (it means, not too big and not too small). If its too big then longer time to cook the chicken and if its too small, I am afraid that the chicken will go mushy. Cook about 8 minutes until the chicken mix well with the ingredient before.

5. Then, add the coconut milk into the wok and put the heat at medium. Cook until its cooked. Taste the curry, put the salt into the curry. 

6. Be aware of the heat, when the curry looks ready, then put the heat to the max. Stir it.

7. Ready to serve. (8-10 people).

You may eat the curry with rice, bread, roti or even biscuit.

Hope you try this recipe.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: This is my mum's recipe.


  1. Lg bes kalau mu ambik gmbr bahan2 tu dlu.sng skit

  2. But first, thanks for commenting on my blog. Letak bahan? gambar bahannya? hurmm, okay jugak sebenarnya cadangan tu. tapi i have to decline sebab kalau nak letak gmabt every bahan2 tu memang susah sikit dan ia akan menyebabkan nak download tu susah, kang sedap2 orang nak baca blog aku, terus tutup sebab tunggu nak loading gambar lama. hahaha, so, i think better dengan nama2 bahan tu, takkanlah tak kenal nama bahan tu kan.. huahua..