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Monday, November 19, 2012

My Heart Goes With The Palestinians.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

first of all, Curse Israel! Curse Israel! Curse Israel! *these curses show how my heart goes with the Palestinians.

I read UK Daily Online today and I found these stupid things. Here they are :

* US President Obama insists Israel HAS RIGHT TO DEFEND itself from MISSILES.
* Israel leadership prepared to :significantly expand' military operation.

I honestly think these are bullshit! Bullshit! and Bullshit! Bullshit ever! I have never in my whole life, the side who is attacking other people and say that they are the one who been attacked! What is this? Are mad? Mental problem? 

As far as I am concerned, Israel was the one who throwing the stone to the Palestine and now, they said, they are the one who have to defend themselves from the missiles (rock?) And they also said that the Palestine launched missiles towards them? WT heck Israel? W T Heck? 

This fact from the UK Daily,

In 2010, the U.S. provided $ 200 million to expand development. Additional funding is currently being considered, with 70 million already allocated for the 2012 fiscal year.

Obviously, the USA would always be there to help Israel in 'defending" them fucking selves! Curse you too USA! Curse you. *and again not all the people but the system and also those who are supporting this bullshit acts.

Where is humanity value that you always preached? What is your hold actually? No religion in this world support violence. But then, you always preached about humanity. value, good values,  be nice, don't discriminate but then when it comes to Israel invading Palestine, you said its good, they are defending themselves. What are you? Deaf? Blind? Mute? Incapable of differentiate things? Good and bad? What are you? Really? Invading is defending now? 

These children were running from the Israel.
The Israel also attacked the media people. I heard before, when media people were attacked, the side who attacked them, can be sued. What happened for that law? Or when it comes to Israel, the law AUTOMATICALLY irrelevant? Is this what they called law?

This is what they wrote :

The Foreign  Press Association said, on building (that was attacked) houses or has been using by the following FPA members : British News Organisations Sky News and Sky News Arabia, MBC TV, Al-Arabiya, ORF, and other European broadcasters.
 Lieut. Colonel Avital Leibovich, Israeli Defence Forces said that, they have hundreds of targets on Gaza, including rocket launchers ready to fire rockets on Israel. 

Think of this,

When they say, Gaza attacked them but then there were not casualties happened to their people but then when ISRAEL strikes back, they killed children, old folks, and they destroyed things. They killed people, and they called it 'defending'? Defending my ass!!! That is not defending you idiots! That is attacking! Bullshit!

The Israelis said that they have very advanced weapons and they could launch missiles from at least 70 kilometers but then, they have so little thought on reading the history. Don't they realised that they are the invaders? They invaded Palestine and they proclaimed that Holy Land is theirs? WTH? Are you insane? and Insane enough to not to think about the real history? Read Al-Quran, get the meaning, and you'll know who are the real invaders.

Advanced missiles, advanced weapons vs rocks? Pebbles?
 Make your own judgment.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: My heart and prays go with the innocent Palestinians.

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