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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My name is Akmal and I am a left handed person.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I get this a lot actually. Okay, before anything, I would love to introduce myself first, my name is Akmal *yup, that short. No Muhammad, no Ahmad, no Mohd, no Nur or something like that, and my dad's name is Razlan *yes, too, short. So, that is why, I use both words when ever I introduce myself to the people. So, my name is Akmal Razlan. I usually said that, so, somehow, people misunderstood about it, they thought that my full name is Akmal Razlan but it is not. Really, it is not. My name is just Akmal, just Akmal. 

My first encountered on this matter was during my second semester (Bachelor of English), the subject was Language and Society and it was taught by Madam Akmah *missed her. We were grouped into several groups and Izzah Mummy was in my group with some other people, I don't really remember the others, so back to the story. Madam Akmah was passing handouts to be given to students, so she handed to me, so, I handed to my other friends in the group. I handed to her, and she said "Thank you Razlan". I'm like? whaatt? hahahaha. The minute I heard that, I laughed. I was laughing like really hard. And I told her. "Izzah, that is my dad's name, my name is Akmal". hahha.. and she was like.. "OMG, so sorry, I did not meant too, sorry Akmal". That is my first event.

For my second event, there was a follower that commented on my blog and she addressed me as Azlan. I bet that was the nickname for Razlan, I believe. But then, tet!!! wrong again. Razlan or Azlan is not my name. My name is Akmal so, you can call me Akmal. That double 'll' as like AKMALL was just to make it sounds good. hehe.. fancy-ing the name with minimalism. I won't go craze.

But, sometimes, that mistakes make us know other people well and more right? And one more fact about me, I am a left handed. But then, I am not like other people, I use my left hand whenever I want to write but then, all those heavy works, I am using my right hand. Special case huh? Well, that is me. Special and unique, indeed. 

To be honest, before I wrote this entry, I have no idea what to be written so, I was having this thought on how to get inspiration to make entries. But then, when a comment showed up, I have the thing to be written and I wrote. 

That is all,

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I am going to eat mangosteen.