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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

THR GEGAR Called me????

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Today was the biggest day of my life, I was emailed by a national radio producers, Fatin from THR Gegar 'Permata Pantai Timur" and I was interviewed by the DJ Nasa and DJ Suzana. Fatin called my twice and the first call was to see whether my voice is okay or not, and we did a little script and done. On 8.10 am, she called me again and that time, they recorded my voice on THR with DJ Nasa and DJ Suzana, I was like, OMG! Excited like very damn excited. I told my friends and I posted on FB and gosh, they are very supportive. Love you my friends. 

I too BBM-ed Belle for this amazing opportunity and he too excited for me. Haha... To be honest, that was my first time ever! ever! like ever on Radio. Like, ever! When Fatin called me, she said "Tak percaya eh?".. I was like! OMG! LIKE! OMG!... National radio call me, *well, i will not talk about the reason la kan.. hehe.. but to be on air with DJs was the best thing ever happened to me, yet. Hehe..
If I had a chance to be on tele, hey, why not right? hehe...

To be honest, at first, I had this insecurity over my voice. I have been known to others with small voice, they say but then why I listened back to my own voice, it was okay. I mean, it is okay. I now do not have any insecurity over my voice. I love my voice now. Hehe.. In fact, I have something for you to be listened to, this is my voice. The Voice. hehe..

You may click up there, the song is Tuailah Padi Antara Masak, you might want to hear my voice, since here, in blog, we could just see the writing and we have no chance to hear voices, except for those who make Vlog, they have things to talk about and they have the confidence to look good on videos. hehe.. I might but not yet. hehe..

Anyway, for those who missed my voice. click the video there, its a good song and I do not know about my voice, you my comment on my voice, I would make improvement, if I can. hehe..

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I am going to kenduri, in front of my house, they buat nasi manis.

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