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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blankness in my Mind.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Good morning and Happy Sunday. Today is Sunday and Sundays always have sunny day. Always. What would be your activity/activities for today? Have you like planned anything? Its okay, you may start with cleaning. That is the best way. Cleaning, clearing and such can help you reduce your stresses. 

I personally, have no idea what to write for the moment but I am pretty sure, I will have something to be written later on after I got the ideas. As Anthony in Project Runway All Stars said "Ideas come from anything girl, it is us to be inspired by those ideas". Indeed, I agreed on this but sometimes, it is not how far you go, how deep you dig but it is the creativity that you have to like peel the idea and of course, make it interesting. If you make the idea appears to be interesting, then, people will actually read about it and be inspired. Simple? is hard to do. It is hard to inspire other people, really. Yes.

Well, I need to do some catchy up with the newspapers today. It has been while since I bought Berita Harian Edisi Ahad, it is not longer Berita Minggu. I did not know. Forgive me. Hehe.

okay, that is all for this morning.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: need inspiration.


  1. indeed,sunday will always be my cleaning day,,haha,also my laundry day,its good to hear from you too akmal , may u got inspired quickly haha

  2. thank you black paper aka Dr Aziz,