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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Beloved Faculty and Lecturers.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

This is my social responsibility towards my faculty (was), hehehe.. my faculty was Faculty of Languages and Communication, University Sultan Zainal Adibin. Click here to know more. FALCOMM.

Well, I loved my faculty and I still love it. I mean, hey, for four years, we had been there and learned about subjects, life and so on, I mean, love it very much. Faculty is filled with interesting people, lecturers, students, fellow friends and me? I am interesting, I am. Hahaha... Not so many stand out students who like really stand out. Well, there were/are several students who were/are really stand out Academically but then not like me and several others. Hahaha...

Me and several others were like "stand out negatively" they said, hahaha. Been there, done that moments. Really. There was once, during the Dean's List Award Ceremony, I intended-ly wore this one piece, my creation. All the lecturers were furious like, "What happened to Akmal?", "Is he wearing something that like necklace or what?" , I am so sorry, I could not find the picture of that shirt, I do not know where I put it. hahaha... and you know what happened after that night? I was called my my academic advisor and of course, she advised my and I took her advice. Gagahahaa.. I was not like going gaga towards everything. Not like going to change my gender like Cher's son and daughter, haha, I was just accessorising , nothing more. My intention was to lighten up the ambiance a bit. hahaa..

Well, actually, me and belle were the targets of all eyes, *self proclaimed, it is. They were looking at what will we wear to the class, to the office and almost anywhere. *thanked God they cannot see what we were wearing in the bathroom. *being sarcastic here, if you noticed. 

Apart of being so naughty *my word, we were quite okay academically actually. Hahaha, yes, we were. We were so not like Nadhirah, Hawa and a few others clever students, we were like just okay. Hehehe... But, being not normal is actually sometimes normal. Haha, really. I become clicked with Belle since like sem 1, I believe so, well, I stole him from this Racist friend actually. Hahaha.. they were like very close back then, so, unfortunately bitch, eat shoes, Belle is mine, like that! I stole him and successfully get the car. Hahaha.. *am I sounded like very bad person? no right?

Being friend with Belle has a lot of challenges. Really, people pandang serong kat dia but hey! he is a human, might the way he dresses is fancies than me but he is good. He is good. No kidding. But I am not gonna talk about him, *yet, later okay but then secrets remind secret. I cannot tell to like everybody. Right? We do have secret and when we were/are talking, we have this instinct with each other. Really! No kidding too! 

There was once, we were like talking to each other and suddenly, "interesting" subject walked passes us, then we looked to each others eyes and we laughed. Why? Do you want to know why? Because, that interesting subject has weird way of walking. Like really weird, like weird. So damn weird. We laughed and we kutuking. Hahaha... So missed that moment. Not missing the kutuking moment but being together with friends who know us, like can talk about almost everything. Hello!! I talk with Belle like about everything. Hahaha..we do share the same interest, but naahhh.. no. hahahha.. no no no... I have different taste and he has different taste. Hahaha..

Well, again, being FALCOMM taught me to be who I am and be yourself.. well, as long as you dressed properly. Hahaha.. Like, going to class, wearing formal attire, shoes, socks so like corporate attire thingy. So formal. LOOVVEEEE IT SOOO MUCH. *well you know how to read that right? hahaha..
But, special thanks to Madam Dean, Madam Hajjah Azizah binti Endut and Deputy Dean, Madam Hajjah Sharifah Normadiah, HOD English, Dr. Nazri Latiff Azmi, Former BEN Coordinator Tuan Haji Jamil, Madam Mahani, my Academic Advisor Madam Hajjah Samsiah, Madam Salina, all the Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, staff of FALCOMM, you certainly taught me a lot here. Like so a lot. Like, A LOOTT!!! Academically, thoughts for life, everything. I appreciate it so very much. I did not get the chance to say farewell to all the lecturers but I hope some of you could read this entry and spread it to all the lecturers. Thank you so very much from the bottomest of my heart. Thank you, may God blessed you all.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: so gonna miss fac.


  1. i thought Belle is a "she"..well..we sure miss our varsity life a lot.!

  2. Kak WC, no no no... hehe... anything. I am so proud of Belle, he has done great things, yet.

    yup. we surely miss those moments.